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Author: Anthony Tringali

Fire Alarm Communication – Why Eliminate POTS Lines?

Eliminate POTS Lines…Why?

Signal Transmission – Newer technology provides faster, safer, and more reliable connectivity to send signals from your premises.


Prone to Damage – In the event of a storm or accident, phone lines are prone to damage and might not be replaced.


Phasing Out Lines – Old phone lines & networks are expensive for phone companies to fix/maintain & are being phased out.


Costs Increasing – Since the POTS landlines supply is low, costs are getting increasingly higher all the time.



Cellular Communicators provide more reliable communication from the fire panel to the Monitoring Station. Explore your options today.


Suppress Risk Achieve Business Continuity



Fire Extinguishers – Classes A, B, C, D & K Available

Your first line of defense when a fire occurs. Best for small fires & required in every business.


CO2 – Class A, B & C Hazards

Lowers oxygen levels to prevent fire from growing. Best in areas with no personnel.


Foam – Low, Medium & High Expansion

Used for large areas & contains the fire quickly. Separates oxygen & creates a vapor barrier.


Clean Agent – Class A, B & C Fires

Removes heat or free radicals, which helps extinguish fires. Safe to use in occupied areas.


Aerosol – Class A, B & C Fires

Releases large microparticles which surround the flame, cool it & absorb heat to suppress the fire.


We want to ensure you get the suppression system that will work best for you. Let us keep you safe. Contact us today. 800.875.7200


Types of Sprinkler Piping


Sprinkler Head in Facility

When considering what type of pipe to use in a sprinkler system, it is important to weigh the benefits versus the drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look.



  • Cost-effective
  • Durable 
  • Fire Resistant
  • Rigidity (can be spaced further apart)


  • Heavy
  • Susceptible to Pitting and Corrosion



  • More Corrosion-Resistant
  • Stays Smoother Internally


  • More Expensive



  • Flexible
  • Highest Corrosion Resistance and is
  • Smoother than most metals.


  • Not as Durable
  • Not as Fire-Resistant

We hope this gives you a better idea of your piping choices.

If you would like more information on this or any other life safety topic, please let us know.


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