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Fire Alarm Testing

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When it comes to protecting your property and the people in it from the dangers of fire, early warning and a fast response can make a critical difference in avoiding a catastrophe. A properly installed, maintained, and inspected fire alarm system is essential to alert and evacuate the occupants of a building and summon emergency personnel in the event of a fire emergency.

From smoke, fire, and heat detection and suppression to voice evacuation and mass notification, the capabilities of your system will match the unique requirements of your operation and your facility.  That is why it’s so important to have your fire alarm system tested & inspected annually in accordance with NFPA 72 standards, and to have any identified deficiencies corrected in a timely manner. Protegis Fire & Safety has the experience, workforce, and capability to perform these inspection and remediation services in facilities of any size and type.  We also provide 24/7 emergency service to take care of the unexpected!

5-Year Inspections are Essential!

NFPA standards require comprehensive inspections of piping systems every five years. The 5-Year Obstruction Inspection is a thorough examination of internal valves and piping for various types of insidious, flow-limiting buildup. It can uncover hidden signs of such deterioration as Microbially Induced Corrosion (MIC), one of the inherent woes of metal sprinkler pipes which, if not caught early, can cause enough damage to ultimately require the replacement of the entire sprinkler piping system.  You don’t want or need that expense!  Constriction can also be caused by the introduction and accumulation of sediment during construction, or even from nearby municipal water system repairs. The internal inspection of valves includes removing the valve covers to inspect their internal elements – strainers, filters and restriction orifices – for visible evidence of blockage.

Although we hope you’ll never require it, you depend upon your fire sprinkler system to protect your property from the costly ravages of fire.  Don’t wait until you need it to perform to find out that it’s blocked!  Scheduling a 5-year Obstruction Inspection of your system, as required by NFPA-25 standards, is the best way to peace of mind. Protegis Fire & Safety can conduct a 5-year inspection to keep your facility in compliance with code, save you money in the long term by identifying early signs of blockage or corrosion, and assure you that your sprinklers will function when you most need them.  We can also offer you system flushes to help remove accumulated deposits found during these inspections to keep your facility in compliance with code, save you money in the long term by identifying early signs of blockage or corrosion, and assure you that your sprinklers will function when you most need them.  We can also offer you system flushes to help remove accumulated deposits found during these inspections.

Be Alerted – Fire Alarm Monitoring


The requirements for fire alarm signaling have been defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 72) National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. Up through the 2010 revision to NFPA 72, building owners were required to provide two analog phone lines, at least one dedicated, over which the fire alarm communicator (DACT, or “dialer”) reported to a monitoring center at least once every 24 hours. The intended purpose of having two phone lines was to provide redundancy in case of a line failure.  This required property owners to maintain two extra landlines, along with the associated monthly costs.

Fire Alarm Communicator_code background


“Old-fashioned” landlines are tested with Central Station once a day and a single line failure is reported immediately over the remaining one, but in the event of total communicator or phone service failure, notification by default can take nearly 24 hours. The 2013 revision of NFPA 72, allows “sole-path” cellular technology (one cellular line instead of two analog lines).  With the minimum 60-minute supervision, the cellular carrier knows within 1 hour of any communicator failure, and can report the condition to the monitoring center. With the OK of the local Authority Having Jurisdiction, an approved sole-path wireless communicator can set you free from those monthly landline charges and associated headaches!

Protegis Fire & Safety is one of the top life safety service providers, providing installation, maintenance, inspection and monitoring services (including wireless!) for sprinklers, fire alarms, extinguishers and more. We have the experience, workforce, and capability to perform fire alarm services on facilities of any size and type, for companies across the United States.

Fire Suppression Systems for Kitchens, Data Centers & more!

For facilities housing sensitive equipment, Data Centers, or commercial kitchens, all of which are at high risk for special types of fire hazards, Protegis Fire & Safety will install, service and inspect specialized fire suppression systems, including FM-200, other Special Hazards systems, and commercial Kitchen Hood Systems.

As a leader in technical proficiency and innovative approaches to fire suppression, Protegis’ engineers can design and install a system tailored to your facility’s specific requirements.  Protegis has kept sensitive facilities throughout the United States safe with a comprehensive range of fire protection systems:


For data centers, government buildings, hospitals and other facilities that need to safeguard delicate electronic equipment especially susceptible to the inherent side-effects of traditional water-based fire sprinkler systems, FM-200 is a popular and effective solution.

Special Hazards

Healthcare Facilities, Data Centers, Museums and Archives are a few of the type of facilities commonly requiring one of various Special Hazards suppression systems to guard against fire damage to especially-sensitive or valuable assets.

Kitchen Hood Systems

The constant presence of open flames in proximity to combustible elements like animal fats and vegetable oils make commercial kitchens one of the most common environments where fire suppression is critical.

Protegis provides fire suppression installation, repair and inspection throughout the United States.

Batteries – More Important Than You Think

Batteries – More Important Than You Think

Batteries in Fire Alarm Control Panels, Transponders, Booster (NAC) Panels, Emergency Lights and Diesel Fire Pumps:

The backup batteries in your electronic life safety systems are engineered to allow them to perform their intended functions in the event of a power failure. They can keep your systems functional for a day (24 hours), or a weekend (60 hours), depending on the system design. During that backup period, they should retain enough power to allow the system to sound an emergency evacuation, or to light the way to safety. In the case of diesel fire pumps, the batteries, just like in your car or truck, supply the “cranking” power required to start the pump engine when called upon. We all know what happens when your car battery fails – you’re stuck!

Emergency Exit Sign
Emergency Exit Sign

Do you know how many and what type of batteries are in your life safety systems? How about their locations? Do you know the life expectancy of each? Are you sure that they are all properly charged, ready and able to perform their duty? If any of them were not, or were approaching the end of their lifespan, wouldn’t you want to know before an actual emergency so that you could have them replaced to avoid even the possibility of their failure? An experienced and reliable testing and inspection services provider like Protegis Fire & Safety can be your assurance that you don’t ever have to ask or answer these questions. Yearly battery testing is recommended, as an integral part of regularly-scheduled inspections of your life safety systems, to ensure the protection of your people and property against the danger of fire.

The worst time to find out that your life safety system is unable to perform its designated function is during an emergency. Protegis installs, inspects, services and monitors systems (with batteries!) at locations throughout the United States.