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Safe, Secure & Easy Payments Through Protegis

Safe, Secure & Easy Payments Through Protegis

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Protegis. A Partner You Can Trust.

Protegis. A Partner You Can

We Do It Right. We Make It Easy.

At Protegis, we follow strict guidelines when performing our services. Protegis technicians will carefully examine your system and only provide the services you need. We want to keep you safe and form a true and honest partnership.


The Protegis Difference


Reliable and honest services covering all fire and life safety areas – to save time, money, frustration, and potentially, property and lives.


Services are delivered by our trained team of ready, responsive, and resourceful professionals dedicated to protecting people and property.

Customer Focused

From the front to the back office, we will do what it takes to get the job done right and to your satisfaction.


Featured Offerings

Security Solutions

Access Control, CCTV, and Burglar / Intrusion Detection

We Consult, Design, Execute, and Support

Utilize the Newest Technology with “Express Picture”


Fire Alarm Monitoring

Eliminating your phone lines will decrease the amount of money you spend

Get increased reliability by upgrading to the latest technology



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Why It’s So Important To Have Your Fire Systems Maintained


Your commercial fire systems are there to keep you and your employees safe in the event of a fire. Maintaining them regularly is important – and not just for the obvious reasons.

Today, we’re going to tackle the concept of fire alarm system maintenance and discuss why maintaining it frequently is so important. Let’s begin.

It Helps To Save Lives

File this under the ‘no kidding’ tab, but it’s always worth mentioning and mentioning again. Your employees are entitled to come to work and feel safe knowing their leadership did everything they could to ensure their well-being. For many, their work is our lives. Don’t let them down.

Saving Money

This might seem a little weird because you’re probably thinking ‘don’t I have to pay for monthly maintenance?’ The answer is yes you do, but most insurance companies – provided you can prove that you get your fire suppression equipment inspected regularly – will offer some pretty hefty discounts that can save you a hefty chunk of change. Keep your business safer and take advantage of savings doing it. Win, win!


Insurance companies won’t pay your claim unless you can show proof that you have your system inspected. So if you can save money upfront and if the worst happens, you can rebuild, it behooves you to have your system maintained.

Federal, State, and Local Compliance

If you think the cost of monthly maintenance is annoying, wait until your local inspector comes and starts ringing you up for all of your code violations. And violations aren’t just a fine for not having something up to snuff. It also includes repair fees; installation fees and the like just to get certain components up to code. Monthly maintenance gets out in front of these issues so you don’t have to worry about code violations.

Whether you need smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or alarms installed and maintained on your commercial property – we can help. Stay safe, be diligent, and contact us for any questions or help you may need!

Protegis Fire & Safety


Bring All Your Fire & Life Safety
Under One Umbrella

Save money and gain peace of mind knowing one company is maintaining your Fire & Life Safety needs. Learn more about the Protegis advantage.


We Offer

Dedicated Account Managers

Subject Matter Experts

Project Coordinators

Consistent Deliverables

AHJ Compliance

Standardized Pricing


We Service


Sprinkler Systems

Dry, Wet, Pre-Action, Foam, Antifreeze & Marine



Suppression Systems

Kitchen and Special Hazard Suppression



Fire Alarm Systems

Front-End to Peripherals



Fire Alarm Monitoring

Multiple Monitoring Platforms



Fire Extinguisher 

Class A to K and Hydro Services



Security Systems

Camera, Access & Notification




Do You Have National Locations?

We can manage your services on a national basis. By managing all your locations, we can handle the unique needs of different locations but under a national umbrella.



Want more information on all our services? Please call 800.875.7200.



Guarantee You’re Ready for the LTE Transition


Act today to guarantee you’re ready for the LTE transition.


At Protegis, we can make sure you have the right cellular communicator. If not, we can easily install the correct communicator to guarantee your panel will continue transmitting signals.



Verify Communicator Technology

To ensure that your alarm system monitoring continues uninterrupted, your cellular communicator should be inspected.


Contact Protegis Today

We will schedule your free inspection to ensure you have the right cellular communicator, so your alarm system monitoring continues uninterrupted.


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Protegis offers fire alarm monitoring services.